Dear Friends,

I’m Andy Thompson. I have been proud to serve the people of Southeast Ohio these past two years as your State Representative and I look forward to the new challenges facing our corner of the state as we ramp up the 2012 campaign season. My district has changed and, if elected, I will represent a […]

Thuggery At Its Best

I have now had two well-attended town hall meetings and countless private and small group meetings since SB5 was introduced.  In all instances, the teachers, ODOT employees, policemen, and other public workers I have met have been respectful while opposing my support for this legislation.  They have passionately explained their positions, and on all occasions […]

Hard At Work

Sorry to have kept everyone waiting for new posts. The last two months have been challenging, fascinating, invigorating. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to serve at this critical juncture for our state. I’ve gotten acquainted with my fellow legislators on both sides of the aisle, gotten my committee assignments, and have “gotten up to […]

Merry Christmas!

We are a few short days away from celebrating Christmas and I want to wish everyone in our district a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Even for nonbelievers this is a joyous time of the year; it is especially meaningful for those of us who do believe, and I’m not speaking of believing in […]

We Did It!

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I’m no longer a candidate…I’m the State Representative-Elect! Thank you to all who made this possible. I will strive to prove worthy of your confidence in me. That’s the best way I can thank you for the hard work, prayers and endless support, rain or shine. My victory […]

Today is “The Day!”

So here’s your chance to make a statement. Our vote is the precious gift our Founders gave us, among other things. It is incredibly powerful, and brings with it tremendous responsibilities. Most important is that you inform yourself on each candidate’s philosophy and the issues at hand. Having done that, encourage others to do likewise. […]

Very Rewarding

One of the most rewarding parts of this campaign has been getting to know other candidates who are also running for office at the same level, or above or below my race. In Guernsey County, we have knocked on thousands of doors with Mike Belaj, who’s running for county commissioner. We’ve also knocked on doors […]