All That Remains….

With four short days remaining until election day, anticipation is high on the Republican/conservative side. There seems to be a real mandate to shrink the size of government, to get back to some semblance of the constitutional republic our founders intended. We want to cut taxes to inspire vigorous investment in our state, and I […]


On Tuesday night, my opponent and I concluded a series of debates with a final encounter on her home turf at the Crossroads Library Branch in Cambridge. While she read her responses from several pages of copious debate notes, it remains clear that the overriding themes of her campaign are 1) Don’t vote for Andy […]

From The Campaign Trail…

I spent yesterday in Muskingum and Noble Counties. I was in Muskingum for a candidate forum in Zanesville, sponsored by WHIZ-TV, at the McIntire Library. Present were candidates (or their representatives) for the governor’s race, the U.S. Senate race, the 18th Congressional District race, the Attorney General race, the Secretary of State race and numerous […]

Compare and Contrast

As the airwaves abound with competing ads (and extremely expensive attacks from my opponents’ handlers), there are several ways to compare and contrast the candidates. My opponent says cutting taxes will “hurt Ohio.” Just which Ohio is she referring to? Is it the one that has employed her in-laws for most of the past century, […]

Our Next Treasurer

Josh Mandel is a currently a state representative. While he’s merely 33 years old, he has served two tours as a marine in Iraq, he has a law degree from Case Western, and he’s now running for state treasurer. During his campaign for the statehouse he knocked on more than 19,000 doors in a district […]

Stay Tuned

I was in Athens last night for a fund raiser in support of Mike Hunter, who’s running for state representative for the 92nd house district. While there, I had two very informative conversations. The first was with Jill Thompson (no relation to me) who ran against Debbie Phillips last time in the 92nd, in a […]

An Ill Wind

I hear daily from disgusted supporters who’ve received this mailing or that, or who’ve witnessed the purely negative ads being run on local cable.  Despite the utter lack of veracity to the charges these efforts contain, they do have the effect of further motivating an already lit up group of my supporters. They’ve seen the […]

More Endorsements

Since my last blog entry, I’ve received the endorsements of the Ohio Farm Bureau and The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association. Agriculture is the number one industry in Ohio; manufacturing is a vital contributor to our economic well-being as well. To have the support of these two groups and their attendant members further validates my candidacy. As […]

The Next Governor

Just returned from Cambridge (Guernsey County)  where the Kasich/Taylor Campaign stopped this noon. John spoke in a straightforward fashion regarding all of the challenges Ohio faces, including a shrinking private sector, an exodus of wealthy senior citizens (due to Ohio’s estate tax), and an aggressive bureaucracy and tax system that show no mercy to the […]

The ABCs of School Construction

The Associate Builders and Contractors of Ohio (ABC) have released their annual Labor Day statement. In it, Bryan Williams, former state representative and current ABC director of government affairs, calls to task Governor Strickland and his handpicked executive director of the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission, Richard Murray for their heavy-handed approach to the school construction […]