Re: CPA Endorsement

Receiving the endorsement of the Ohio Society of CPAs is no small achievement. You can read their list of endorsed candidates here: CPAs are the people we count on every day to help us keep our fiscal affairs in order. They count 22,000 members across our state. As a group they have been of […]

Making It All Possible

Twenty-five years ago I wed Jade Daniel of Rockwall, Texas. We were married in Pella, Iowa, where I was born and attended college, and where many of our close friends remained from the years my family had spent there in the 1960s. We met in Madrid, Spain, in 1983, while studying abroad on the Central […]

A Sad State of Affairs

Yesterday I was the guest of the National Federation of Independent Business, which hosted a fund raiser on my behalf featuring Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan. NFIB has endorsed me in this race, as has Congressman Jordan, because I will bring real world experience to the task of making Ohio attractive once more to businesses small […]

Going Wrong for Too Long

Tuned into a podcast of Ohio’s renowned Buckeye Institute today. They’re the free market think tank that works to hold Ohio’s public officials accountable by analyzing where our tax dollars go and to whom. They continue to rail against Ohio’s “gold-plated” compensation system for public employees. Originally, working for government was supposed to represent a […]

One-Two Legal Punch to ObamaCare

On Tuesday, Missouri voters overwhelmingly passed a referendum (Proposition C) to stop the federal government’s mandate that Missouri citizens purchase health insurance (as part of the president’s health care legislation). On Monday, Federal Judge Henry Hudson ruled that Virginia’s Constitutional challenge to the health care mandate (as a violation of the Constitution’s Commerce Clause), filed […]

Reflections on Texas

I returned late last night from a family funeral in Texas. My sons and I drove down and back because we couldn’t afford 5 airline tickets on short notice (my wife and daughter flew), and because of a lack of high speed rail service (all we have is Amtrak, and we know that is slower […]

Another “Gift” from Obamacare

As I perused USA TODAY on Friday, I came across this tidbit: It turns out our sinister friends in Congress and the White House inserted into the “health reform law” language that will require small businesses, charities, and self-employed workers to issue annually a 1099 form to each vendor from which they purchase $600 or more in […]

Governor Ted and LeBron’s Job Search

One of Ohio’s best paid employees is apparently seeking “greener” pastures. If making $100 million+ over five years isn’t a “green” job, I don’t know what is. And LeBron James has another incentive beyond a championship ring to leave the Buckeye State: high taxes. As I noted in my previous post about my son and […]

TED and two job searches

Our governor was in town to help out my rival and to deliver historic tax credits for the Marietta Armory Restoration Project. We’re glad to receive the tax credits here in the River City, but could have done without the requisite promises by the governor and Mrs. Secrest that they will fight to sustain all […]

Another Day, Another Endorsement

I’m very pleased to receive the endorsement of the Associated Builders and Contractors. Ty Pine, a longtime friend with whom I worked as the Marietta Area Action Council Chair for the NFIB, had told me months ago about their efforts, and that they were a very principled, free market loving association. I am an advocate […]