Thanks, Dad!

Another Father’s Day has passed, and as a 47 year-old I’m now at the age my father was when he quit his job at Marietta College to make sure he succeeded at the new business our family had launched, Bird Watcher’s Digest. I continue to admire him for the courage it took to do that, […]

Summer Heats Up

It’s summer and it’s hot. Things have slowed a bit at my house now that school has let out. My wife Jade is enjoying a respite from teaching, Gus is reveling in being at the pool, Nat is at basketball camp, Annalea is in Florida, and I’m working the campaign trail. Around us swirl the […]

RIP John Wooden

I want to pause to mourn the death of John Wooden. He’s always been an idol of mine, an admirable example of a devoted Christian, a fantastic sportsman, a tremendous teacher and “life coach,” and an unparalleled success at everything he did. Here are the key traits in his Pyramid of Success: * Industriousness * Enthusiasm * […]

no title

We now receive word from the Great State of New York that Governor David Paterson, no friend of President Obama, proposes to lay off thousands of state workers to close an $9 Billion state budget deficit. He refers to that action as “a last resort.” Such tough choices are being made routinely in the neighboring […]

Two Bad Gushers…and Government Failure

We’ve heard the narrative the Democrats have used endlessly: Capitalism Bad/Government Good! But the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico and onto the beaches of Louisiana and into its most sensitive wildlife areas speaks much more of government failure than anything else. The president has told us he was “in control” from day […]

Even More Green Jobs Follies?

All of hoopla around  green jobs and the associated stimulus dollars that were going to create them seems more misguided than ever. I came across a study that you can read here: It states that not only are these dollars not creating jobs here in the U.S., they’re actually going to foreign companies and […]

Taking the Temperature

From the Keystone State to Kentucky to Arkansas, incumbents and establishment candidates sweated it out on Tuesday night. Arlen Specter’s loss was a defeat for opportunists and for his cynical ploy at self-preservation; Rand Paul shocked the establishment with the help of some conservative heavy hitters; and Blanche Lincoln clung to a slight lead over […]

Punish Success, Reward Failure

There is a recurring theme in the Democrats’ approach to government, especially at the national and state levels. That theme is “Punish Success, Reward Failure.” They don’t come right out and say it always, but it’s apparent from their approach to taxation, to the things they subsidize through government, and in their opinion regarding free […]

Nice Guy Finishes First!

I received word today that my friend Scott Farrar’s company, Cool Containers, won the Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award from the Ohio Chamber of Commerce! Congratulations, Scott! About 15 years ago, Scott and his wife Sarah and their two children were our neighbors across the alley and regular cookout companions. They’ve moved on to greener pastures, […]

Why Mom Matters

I consider my mom, Elsa Ekenstierna Thompson, to have been a great blessing in my life. I once heard that a mother’s job is to love you regardless of what you’ve done up to and through the point at which they pull the lever on the electric chair! Okay, that’s a bit of an extreme […]