The Learning Curve

We shall not grow wiser before we learn that much that we have done was very foolish. Friedrich August von Hayek Friedrich von Hayek never met President Obama or Governor Strickland or even our state’s Job Czar, Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher. If he had he would have gotten nowhere with them. Reasoning with them would […]

“Give me liberty, or….”

“The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.” Patrick Henry As I’ve traveled the campaign trail, I find increasing distrust regarding the activity of our current president and his allies in Congress. The jamming through of the health care bill […]

Out of “Control?”

Ohio’s Controlling Board recently voted (on a 4-3 party line vote) to spend $25 million of the $400 Million in Stimulus monies Ohio received for its ill-conceived and inappropriately-named “High Speed Rail” project. See here: This project has disaster written all over it. More aptly titled “Snail Rail,” this proposed effort makes sense only […]

Mark Twain

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.“  Mark Twain Is our government worthy of our support? Do we have the sense that those in government want our country and our state to succeed, or are they more concerned with their own “success” politically? The Patriots who gathered […]

A Dark Cloud Over Europe

Travel has been shut down across Europe, thanks to ash that spewed forth from an Icelandic volcano. Nearly every flight has been grounded as officials reassure themselves that air travel will be safe. But that’s not the only dark cloud hovering over Europe. Job creation has been grounded for decades, thanks to the type of […]

Grateful & Humbled

As someone who’s been a fan of the work of the National Federation of Independent Business for some time as well as an active member, I can tell that receiving the endorsement of the Ohio NFIB is something I treasure. In cities and small towns across the country, NFIB members quietly toil at the businesses […]

Phil’s “Green Job”

Phil Mickelson’s triumph at The Master’s Tournament in Augusta, Georgia seemed to showcase all that can be good about sports. Golf has always been a sport that places a premium on honor and honesty. Over the past several months, we’ve learned that the player at the pinnacle of the sport, Tiger Woods, wasn’t the role […]

“Stupak is as Stupak does”

Was he a profile in courage or a politician who sold his vote and conscience for a flimsy piece of paper and few million airport dollars? I think we know the answer. Today, Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) announced he will not seek reelection. Stupak had faced withering criticism over his decision to support Obamacare following […]

Wisdom from a Master

“Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.” Thomas Sowell Thomas Sowell is a brilliant thinker who ought to get way more exposure than he does. He is exactly right that government tries to do way more […]