Whither Ohio

No, this post isn’t about anticipated snowfall this week, but whether the climate for economic development will be addressed. The Buckeye Institute, a free market think tank located in Columbus has issued an eye-opening report on the state of our state which you can find here: http://www.buckeyeinstitute.org/article/1479 A thorough analysis is provided that concludes that […]

What We Know

Friends: The field for the race is set now, with two Democrat contenders, Frank Fleischer and Linda Secrest, and one Republican (yours truly) in the race for Ohio House’s 93rd District. Whomever the Democrats pick, there will be a clear choice. Conservative leadership versus the Strickland approach to government. We’ve seen the governor’s failed attempts to […]

Thanks, Valentine!

My wife Jade recently sent a note to supporters soliciting well-wishes for my birthday. Perhaps you didn’t know before how lucky I consider myself to have met Jade. She is exactly as she appears: lovely, smart, hard-working, and unfailingly kind. Picking the person you’ll share your life with is perhaps your most important decision in […]

Good work, Sarah!

Despite the occasional hiccup in delivering her speech, Sarah Palin did a bang up job at the Tea Party gathering in Nashville last night. While she dismisses any immediate talk of presidential aspirations, she was confident, composed and comfortable with the crowd, that responded with several standing ovations. She seems to have a Reaganesque way […]

Milton Friedman: Always on Target

A favorite Milton Friedman quote of mine is the following: “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.” The solutions to our economic crisis lie with the people, especially those small businesses owners who take the risks and create the jobs that […]

Governor Ted’s Pleading

Can someone get our governor a tin cup? No organ grinder necessary, but seriously, is it dignified to be begging for handouts from our already strapped federal government? We should be begging Washington NOT to spend our grandchildren’s money, not insisting the profligacy continue. Now is the time to “Just say no” to additional debt; […]

John Kasich Live!

Last night I was in Guernsey County at an event with the Guernsey County GOP at Mr. Lee’s Restaurant. You can visit their new website at http://www.guernseycountyrepublicans.com/. I received a warm welcome and a perfect complement of comfort food. Thanks to Guernsey Chair Don Brown and the whole crew for their hospitality! At 7 we […]

State of the State

I’m off to Columbus today to hear Governor Strickland’s “State of the State” speech, which was moved because it had been scheduled the same day as President Obama’s national speech. Is this the gang that can’t shoot straight or what? It will certainly be an enlightening experience. A note to supporters: Paypal is up and […]

State of the State: Confused

Clearly our governor is confused. We’re spending millions to create “green jobs,” while we’re bleeding every other kind of job, to the tune of 330,000 jobs lost during his administration thus far. His solution: more of the same! I encourage you to visit John Kasich’s site (kasichforohio.com) to see his response to Governor Strickland. John […]

We are elated, and there’s more!

I was humbled and pleased by the quantity and quality of the turnout for my announcement yesterday. Thanks, everyone! Today there is a nice article in the Marietta Times: http://www.mariettatimes.com/page/content.detail/id/518927.html Also there are two articles in the Marietta Register, one an interview with Callie Lyons, and also a piece I penned about how we can […]