Once again, Representative Andy Thompson has been endorsed by Ohio Right to Life for his continued commitment to protecting the rights of the unborn child. Representative Thompson was a cosponsor of the recent H.B. 125 known as the “Heartbeat Bill” making an abortion illegal if there is a detectable heartbeat. This legislation will do a great deal of good in the fight to end abortions in the United States once it is passed by the Ohio Senate. As the law stands now, an abortion is legal until the third trimester of a pregnancy. By that stage in the baby’s development, it is fully formed and will have been able to feel pain for quite some time. This practice is abominable and is tantamount to murder. Representative Thompson has been a leader in the Ohio House of Representatives in the fight for the sanctity of human life, which is further demonstrated by his primary sponsorship of H.B. 171: a bill to forbid human cloning and the production of human-animal hybrids. This bill is now law. Not only is Andy Thompson concerned with protecting the lives of the unborn, but he is also committed to protecting the dignity of human life by spearheading legislation that prohibits doctors and scientists from mutating a human embryo. For these reasons, Ohio Right to Life is proud to endorse Representative Andy Thompson for a second time.